Our Legal Services

Medical Malpractice

If you have had any medical problems arising from the error of a doctor or hospital, then Joseph B. Moffett can protect you and your health, make sure you are properly taken care of, and deal with your pain and suffering.

Auto Accident and Personal Injury

If you have been in an auto accident, an 18-wheel accident, or a motorcycle accident, we have the proper experience to deal with other attorneys, insurance companies, and doctors. We will make sure your vehicle is repaired or replaced and any injuries are taken care of. We can also deal with tire litigation to cover any and all reimbursements you may be due.

Criminal Defense

Our courtroom experience and litigation track record will be a benefit for you if you are facing criminal charges. We will inform you of your rights and protect your freedoms in a court of law. There is no need to face this serious situation alone.

Family Law and Divorce

Divorce can be damaging to families, but we know how to carefully navigate this tricky area and protect the children and each party involved, as well as make sure the settlement is fair for everyone. Hiring us as your family law and divorce attorney will involve us handling these issues without the emotions involved with a divorce or other family law case.

Real Estate Transactions and Contracts Law

Purchasing a home requires a lot of legal documents. Let Joseph B. Moffett review the papers and represent you so that you are not surprised by clauses or details that are placed in the legal documents. Contracts require an experienced attorney to review them to ensure you are covered legally and fairly.

Wills and Estates

Joseph B. Moffett has years of experience dealing with wills and estates. Let us help you through these trying times or in preparation for the future. After the loss of a loved one or family member, you may not be thinking clearly and we can help with that. Our ability to deal with all areas of wills and estates can protect the possessions and memory of your loved one.

About Us

We are a proud, passionate, small town attorney’s office, and we are fully prepared to handle all of your legal needs. Thirty years of experience has prepared us very well to deal with any legal issue you may have to deal with, so don’t search any longer and give us a call today.